Specialist Nurse Clinics


Diabetes Clinic with Dawn our Diabetes Nurse Educator

Dawn is available to help you and your doctor manage your diabetes.

Dawn is able to provide support and services that include a comprehensive health assessment, diabetes care plan, diet and food choices  and exercise advice, use of medications, blood glucose monitoring and preventative health measures.

Dawn will be working closely with your treating doctor and your other health care providers such as Dietician, Podiatrist, Eye Specialist and Endocrinologist as part of your treating team.


Health Assessments for over 75 year olds

This assessment requires a 30 minute appointment with the practice nurse and then a follow up appointment with your treating doctor to complete the assessment. We recommend that you will be here in the practice for approximately one hour.

The Health assessment involves an update of your medical history and a detailed look at such things as your general health, including sight, hearing, diet and exercise, sleep and any medication you might be taking. It also includes any help you maybe receiving at home for example (Home Help, Meals on Wheels), your immunisation status and if you have any problems with dressing, shopping or other activities of your daily life.


Healthy Kids checks

The Healthy Kids Check is an assessment of a 4 year olds physical health, general wellbeing and development.

An appointment is made with the practice nurse for 30 minutes and then followed by an appointment with your treating doctor. Time is spent talking to the parents and assessing the childs progress and development. Measurements and observations are taken for height, weight, eyes, ears and motor skills. We recommend that you will be here in the practice for approximately one hour. We provide a Healthy Kids Check information booklet for the parents to read and a coloring book and pencils for the children to take home.

This assessment can be done along with the 4 year old immunisations.


45-49 Year Old Health Assessment

A health assessment at this stage of life can assist patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or depression.

The health check would involve:

  • updating your medical history and looking at your health issues
  • performing some tests such as blood pressure and pathology if required
  • follow up of any problems identified
  • advice and information, for example on how to make lifestyle changes to improve your overall health


Care Plans for Chronic Diseases

The Government Health Department encourages people with a chronic illness to have an individual care plan developed outlining their past history, medications and specific health issues. If there are more than 3 health care providers in their team for example, their GP, Specialist and Physiotherapist or Podiatrist. Then a Team Care arrangement can also be prepared and put in place.

The General Practice Management Plan (GPMP) and the Team Care Arrangement (TCA) are undertaken by the practice nurse in conjunction with your doctor.

Once the GPMP and TCA are in place for patients with chronic diseases then a Medicare rebate may be claimed for services to Allied health professionals.

Please speak to your treating doctor or reception staff for further information.