COVID-19 Vaccinations

Updated: Aug 24

We are a Covid-19 Vaccination Practice. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our staff are currently working extremely hard setting up

our Pfizer Vaccination Clinics.

From 25th August 2021, we will be able to give Pfizer vaccines for people aged


Anyone over 60 will not be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine at this Practice.

For Pfizer vaccine appointments, please click on the "Book Online Now" box on the website to book an appointment in our COVID Clinics or you can book through the HotDocs App.

Choose an appointment with either:-

Covid-19 Vaccine Provider 1

Covid-19 Vaccine Provider 2

When making your appointment, please ensure you also book your 2nd dose appointment for 3 weeks later.

COVID consent forms are available:-

Pfizer vaccine clinics will be held on Wednesdays from 2-5pm.

You must wait in the Practice 15-30 minutes after your vaccination.

Anyone wanting the Astra Zeneca vaccine should call the Practice on


For the latest COVID health updates -

Please ensure the consent form sent to you is completed before your appointment.

Check your eligibility here -

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